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Can I bring the assignments I’ve given at work to my mentor?

Your mentor is not a magical multi-purpose guide who solves all the problems you might face on your work. Paying for mentorship you don’t pay for the mentor’s time and energy he or she will have to spend on trying to grasp some outside commercial project. In addition to it, any real work project has a real-time deadline, which might be influenced by many factors, for example, a client. The idea of mentorship is to teach you work properly on your own, without any artificial constraints.

However, if you need to master some technology for the future use at work or you have some long-term task you have difficulties with, you might discuss it with the mentor and these aims will be included in your study plan. But you should understand that it’s still mentorship and your mentor will never program instead of you by no means. Speaking of which, you can also offer your boss to pay for your studies at mkdev.

By the way, mentors can sign an NDA too, if necessary.

Updated on: 04/04/2019

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