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Does mentorship suit my purposes?

Sure! Whatever purposes you have, we’ll find a mentor for you. If you’re still hesitating that our format is good for you, fill in the contact form, and we’ll try to think about what to offer for your needs. Here are some people for whom our mentorship might be perfect:

Our mentors teach anybody with any level of knowledge, even complete newbies. Of course, you can learn all the basics single-handedly. We provide a free book exactly for that. But you can do the same under the mentor’s watchful eye, too. So even if you haven’t written a single app in your life, mentorship is perfect for you.

Disillusioned with self-study
Have you already started learning programming once, but haven’t come too far? Are you trying to master some technology but cannot understand what’s important and what’s not? Have you been learning for a long time, but still don’t feel that you’re good enough to start looking for a job? Your case is perfect for mentorship as well. Our mentor will draw up a tailor-made study plan for you, classify your knowledge, set the course and go through the whole process with you.

Programming courses students
Have you completed some online courses or maybe have studied programming at college, but now you have absolutely no idea where to apply this kind of knowledge? As with the previous group, your mentor can help you classify your skills and understand the things you don’t yet, show how to use your skills to solve real practical tasks and get ready for an interview.

Experienced programmers
You’ve been working as a programmer for quite some time and have already succeeded in your field, but now you need to grasp a new technology real quick? The only things you need are a proper set course, relevant info and a fast review of the results, so you won’t linger. Your mentor can help you save your precious time.

However, mentorship might suit other cases, too. Even if you already work as a programmer, you can always develop your skills. Maybe you even have a job in a different field but strive to become a developer. Tell us your story!

Updated on: 04/04/2019

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