We always search for new mentors! If you think that you’re ready to teach everything starting from the very basics, help a newbie become a Junior developer, a Junior one a Middle one and even make a contribution to a Senior’ work, drop us a line!

I don’t need a mentor and I’m not ready to be a mentor, is there anything I can do for you?

Firstly, you can write <a href="https://mkdev.me/en/posts">an article</a> for us. We’re always happy to have a relevant post on almost any topic connected with programming and web-development. But remember that it should be written exclusively for mkdev! Send your suggestions to team@mkdev.me

Secondly, even if you are far from programming, your skills can still come in handy! You might be the very person we’re looking for. In any way, contact us at team@mkdev.me

Thirdly, we are always open to the possibility of cooperation with businesses!
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