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What are the mentorship advantages?

Mentorship includes not only learning some technology stack. Your mentor shares with you his or her own unique practical experience, as well as teaches you self-management and self-sufficiency needed for a real job form the very first day. You can together prepare your CV and portfolio, look for a job and get ready for an interview. Besides having a completely personalized approach and being close to real practical tasks, mentorship is the only format which includes the whole path of a beginner developer, from the very beginning to reaching the set goals (e.g. getting a job).

It’s a tough task to select info and choose in what order and at what pace you should study to get the desired result. You will have to learn from your own mistakes, wandering in the unknown. But if you have a mentor, he or she will set the course for you right away giving all the materials needed. From the start you’ll be learning and practicing exactly what’s needed, and you’ll continue doing so throughout all the time of studies. The difference is close to that between training in a gym with a coach and without one.

Even if you’re sure that you’re doing everything in a right way, in practice it might turn out that you’re not. It becomes clear when you start working on a real project. Our mentors do a thorough code review (like in big companies) and introduce you to the nuances hard to grasp without working on a real task.

Mentors can help you even when there’s no answer on professional message boards and communities, or at least help you get your answer way faster. If we try to compare self-learning and mentorship, the former might take ages (without a single real project), while the latter usually takes months during which you’re working on a real, albeit sample, project.

Updated on: 04/04/2019

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