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What is mkdev

Mkdev is a place for newbie and experienced programmers to learn from each other, develop professionally and achieve their goals together.

The mkdev history dates back to 2014, when a programmer and mentor Kirill Shirinkin ventured to start helping beginners and share his knowledge with them, mostly to maintain his own skills. This decision was partly caused by the fact that early in his career, Kirill, too, was a mentee.

This is how the idea of the project where students can search for mentors and mentors can share their expertise was born. Together with Leonid Suschev, a digital marketing specialist and designer, they created mkdev.

Mkdev mentors worked their way up from newbie programmers to real experts and they know that there’s no royal road to success. Even nowadays most of the programmers are self-taught and there are many reasons for that. The situation will remain the same as long as the sphere continues to grow rapidly.

Our mission is to remove all the barriers so that the programmers could share their skills and best practices and develop professionally in a convenient way. We strive to have new colleagues, the ones the knowledge of whose we will be absolutely sure of.

Updated on: 04/04/2019

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