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What is the result?

The result is to achieve your goal. There’s no any other ceremonial result. The mentor’s aim is not just to go through all the materials with you, but to teach you everything that’s needed. Even professional programmers with long-term experience are constantly studying. There won’t be a moment in your life when you will be able to say ‘That’s it, I’ve mastered everything there is’ and stop learning. This is why it’s highly important to define your goal before signing up for mentorship.

The path to your goal is described in your study plan. It will always be available for you in your profile on the website. Even if the subscription period is over and you don’t need any help anymore, you can still always go back to your plan and check it.

The most common goal is getting a job. Mentor might help with a CV, portfolio and getting ready for an interview. Every student looking for a job should mention it in his or her profile and attach a CV. Different companies contact us every now and then, so we can recommend some of our students as candidates for the vacant positions. This way your job might find you even without your effort.

Even if you’ve achieved your goal, it doesn’t mean that after some time you can’t come up with the new ones. You can always go back to mkdev with new goals and receive a new plan on how to reach them.

Updated on: 04/04/2019

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