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What’s the difference between mentorship and programming courses?

The courses study plan is the same for everybody while a mentor creates you a personal one. Your mentor keeps your aims and skills in mind and makes a plan based on them. The personal plan is way more flexible than any sort of courses.

Our mentorship is pretty realistic and close to practical work situations, it doesn’t have any isolated tasks and theory, like many traditional courses do. Studying with a mentor, you’re working on your own project, which can be later added to your portfolio. The theory is minimal; you learn only what’s essential for practical tasks.

You learn at your pace, your progress is not squeezed into the official schedule of the courses. The main aim of your mentor is to give you the skills needed for your future job, not just briefly look through all the available info with you. The amount of info you can get is not limited by the course program, you can learn everything your mentor knows.

Updated on: 04/04/2019

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