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Mentorship is good for anybody who wants to learn programming, regardless of the prior knowledge. At all the stages of a programmer work and studies he or she always learns from somebody, this process is continuous. Mentors can share the experience they have now but will be also able to do in the future.

But best of all mentorship suits the ones who think that they need somebody to show the right course and motivate them, share their point of view or give some advice. Here are some examples:

Beginner developer. You only started learning programming. You’re overwhelmed by the abundance of courses, books, info and different tips on the internet. You’re eager to become a master but have no idea where to start. You might have even finished several courses, but this doesn’t really help, you still drag your feet. In this case a mentor can guide you, choose where to move, draw up a study plan and later make sure that your goal (e.g. getting a job) is met.

Creator of an app. You’re familiar with programming and have an idea of a future app or a website in your head. You probably have a draft or some of your code has already been written. But something is still amiss, you have trouble with launching your app and cannot start getting money from it. In this case a mentor can break down the whole process for you and determine what’s been done and what is to be done. He or she might also give you a hint about what should be done first and what can be left for later, as well as help you understand things you don’t yet and check that your app’s up and running.

Experienced developer. You already work as a programmer. Most of the time you’re okay with what you’re doing, but sometimes you want more and your tasks at work don’t allow you to develop professionally and qualify for a higher salary. This is what an underachievement is. In this case a mentor can help you define a goal, create a precise development plan and complete all of its steps with you, from your current position to a promotion (or a job change).

Mentorship is more than likely to suit your needs, too. Drop us a note with a few words about yourself as well as your aims, and we will be glad to find a mentor for you and determine what kind of help you need. Contact us at!

Updated on: 04/04/2019

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